Who we are

Maizac Building and Construction is a progressive and innovative company managed by Kiri Tavrou. Developed to address the needs of market seeking quality workmanship, coupled with strong passion to deliver what the customer requests.


Maizac prides itself on forming long-term relationships with its clients. The objective to always deliver a unique service and to understand our client’s vision and needs before planning even begins. Often customer needs are set aside for architectural or design pursuits, at Maizac we ensure that the solution we build meets the customer’s requirements as well as addressing the design intended on paper. Essentially, we build for you.

We like to be there from day 1, offering our diverse range of skills, technical support and creative input to ensure your building project exceeds all expectations.

We invest time in frequent site meetings between all parties involved, clients, architects, sub-contractors and staff. Feedback and evaluations from all parties is encouraged to warrant quality management systems are followed and to ensure that your job runs to program and budget. Maizac are unsurpassed in the field of communication.

Our reputation has been built on delivering a superior product with strong delivery of technical building competence, on-site project management and supported with professional administration which is recognised and valued by our clients’ time and time again.

The objective to always deliver a unique service and to understand our client’s vision and needs before planning even begins.


Company Director, Kiri Tavrou worked alongside his father; and embraces the quality workmanship and exceptional work ethics of his fathers’ generation, where attention to detail and performing ‘to your word’ is paramount.

This approach partnered with a drafting qualification, comprehensive knowledge and understanding of today’s market, unprecedented communication and commitment to client satisfaction is what defies Kiri as a person and the backbone of his fast growing and successful company.

“I remember working with my father back in the day; I was desperate to get my hands on the tools. Keen for me to continue my studies and get an office job, my father gave me the daily task of removing and straightening each individual nail from stubs for hours on end. As consistent and boring as this was, it didn’t detour me from what I wanted, a Paslode Nail Gun and to build something that was great with my stamp on it”.

Kiri recognises that Maizac’s success can only be as good as the team around it. Loyal, highly skilled and working relationships that date back many years make up the support network of the company.

Kiri Tavrou - Maizac Building & Construction