Whether you are considering a ground floor or second storey extension, Maizac will listen to your family needs and vision and help design the best home improvement that will exceed expectations and provide you with your family dream home.

Ground Floor

If you’ve tossed up the idea of moving because you’ve outgrown your family home but really enjoy the lifestyle your neighborhood offers. Stay right were you are, don’t move…just improve!

Your daily family needs, lifestyle, vision of style and comfort, favored appliances and budget always remain priority when creating a building concept. This simple strategy ensures that the delivery of a design and build will accommodate the comfort of your family, maximize space and functionality while increasing the value of your home, and most importantly… everybody involved is happy.

Second Floor

A second storey can create a whole new dimension, whether it is by providing access to pleasant views, lighting, maybe an adult retreat to call your own and that much-needed storage.

Sound great? Absolutely… however there are many factors that need to be taken into account that could potentially impact the available options for you and your family when adding a second storey. These include the affect on your neighborhood, lack of space on your property and restrictions set by your local council.

Feel at ease knowing that we’ve done this many times before and we’ll do it all again to avoid any confusion, uncertainty and hidden surprises along the way.