When considering a renovation its important to first ask yourself …why am I doing it?

Is it to fix or improve, and to add value or lifestyle? Is it to live in, rent or sell? Most know the answer, but in the midst of the renovating can easily forget.

Maizac can address your main objectives, concerns and budget and provide smart solutions that tick all the boxes. Their trade professionals will ensure that your home renovations, whether it be to fix, improve, rent or sell go smoothly and you get quality, on budget and on schedule work that will last for many years to come.

Renovating to live in

If you love your home and size isn’t an issue, but feel that the floor plan just isn’t working and it’s in need of a comfort and design upgrade, then a renovation is probably a smart cost effective solution.

Renovation can offer tremendous opportunities to create a home that reflects the way you like to live and contributes to your family’s enjoyment of life. Maizac can evaluate the potential of your existing space and suggest ways of enhancing it while also keeping in mind the comfort and enjoyment it should bring your family for many more years to come.

When a home is of a particular “period style” Maizac will assess your property in order to source the materials to match the original dwelling and then meticulously plan your renovation step by step.

With the excitement of renovating also comes nerves, rest assured knowing that from concept to completion Maizac have open communication, day and night, keeping you informed of the progress of your prized possession every step of the way.

Renovating to rent

If you’re intending to renovate your property as a rental investment, then Maizac can give you simple and cost effective solutions to give your property the facelift it needs. It may be as simple as improving it’s street appearance, some paintwork to brighten and give a fresh clean appeal. Maybe some landscaping and outdoor living or maybe some slight interior updates on those fundamentally good bones.

Maizac can turn this over so that you add value without having to dig to deep into your pockets, find a tenant faster and improve your rental return sooner.

Renovating to sell

Maizac believe that the first commandment when selling a home is that “first impressions are paramount”. People look for professional quality and the houses that get a premium have obvious quality to their presentations. Maizac can assist you in making the right renovation decisions with a professional and quality outcome within your budget and timeframe. If your buyer sees something of tangible quality that they can move right into, Maizac believe “they’ll pay the price.”